Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Has Bush had Enough?

I have no direct evidence to support this theory (but hey, after the invasion of Iraq, who needs evidence anymore), but I wonder if Bush is sick of being president.

Even someone like Bill Clinton, who wanted to be president practically from birth, would find the present circumstances challenging, to say the least. We have what looks like a hopeless situation in Iraq (even Great Britain is signaling that it has had enough and may be pulling soldiers out by the end of 2007). There is trouble in Lebanon and Israel. North Korea and Iran are thumbing their noses at us. Vladimir Putin seems to be auditioning to be a character in the next James Bond movie. The US dollar is sinking like a stone. The opposition party just took both houses of Congress, and a leading news magazine just ran a cover that mocks Bush for having to be taken under his father's wing.

It would take someobody who is truly committed to being president, truly committed to grappling with hard problems, to take on these circumstances. That doesn't seem like Bush.

Maybe I'm wrong. maybe Bush will be energized by these obstacles. Maybe he will draw on some hidden reserve of strength. But I can't help but wonder if he isn't thinking, at least sometimes: how did I get myself into this mess, and how will I get through the next two-plus years?


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