Friday, January 13, 2006

Another Bush Flip-Flop

Forgive my bitterness, but I have decided to track Bush flip flops. Hypocrisy bugs me.

The latest: Bush opposed Senate hearings into his illegal warrantless spying program--until he changed his mind and said hearings will be "good for democracy", as USA Today reports:

Bush voters may have to stop congratulating themselves for opposing that notorious flipflopper Jon Kerry.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but here's the running flipflop total:

(1) hearings on secret spying (first against, now for)
(2) McCain anti-torture legislation (first against, then for, then possibly against again after trying to reserve right to deviate from legislation)
(3) talking about secret spying program (first said he couldn't talk about it at all because it is classified, then acknowledged it was going on and said it would continue)
(4) Department of Homeland Security (first opposed, then supported)
(5) reduction of specific pollutant emissions (supported during 2000 campaign, then opposed)


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