Sunday, December 18, 2005

What Else Don't We Know About?

Thanks to the belated New York Times story (they held up publication for a year or so at the administration's request), we now know the Bush administration has been violating federal statute and the Constitution since at least 2002 by illegally spying on Americans.

It seems unlikely this is the only such activity the administration has engaged in. At the next opportunity, someone in the media needs to find out from the president or his press secretary what else we don't know about. Has the administration assigned operatives to tail Americans, regardless of whether there was probable cause to believe a crime was being or had been committed? Has it rummaged through bank records or other personal information without benefit of a warrant? Have federal officials entered peoples' homes without warrants?

If the administration has engaged in other illegal activity in the name of the war on terror, we need to know about it, and it needs to stop. If the Bush administration is trying to recreate George Orwell's 1984, perhaps it will be so good as to let us know all of the details of its adventure into absolute power.


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