Saturday, December 17, 2005

Update: Is the President Above the Law?

Bush admitted today that he did order illegal spying on Americans. He said he is doing what is necessary to fight the war on terror. He did not apologize and said he would do this again.

We have heard from this President, ad nauseam, that the terrorists hate us for "our freedoms." Now he is telling us it is sometimes necessary to violate the Constitution in order to fight terror. Kind of sounds like the old Vietnam-era maxim--"we had to destroy the village in order to save it".

If we suspend the Constitution and cede all our rights to this administration, will the terrorists stop hating us?

This is upside down, black is white, Orwellian stuff.


Blogger Mr Ornery said...

Bush tells us in essence that his adminstration authorizes the trampling of civil liberties to protect civil liberties. What's worse is that I don't believe the man even appreciates the irony of his words.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Chris Edelson said...

you are right. This is straight out of Orwell. I was watching the Sunday talk shows today and was disappointed that people weren't taking this as seriously as I'd hoped. This isn't a partisan issue--it's a constitutional issue and a question of what kind of country we will live in.

Thanks for your comment,

Chris Edelson

12:58 PM  

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